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Naberauli Wines


The history of "Naberauli Wines" starts in 2018. The brand combines vineyards, factory and wine space. The wine area itself includes a bar, shop and tasting environment, where you can taste local, ecologically clean products - Rachuli ham, honey, cheese.


Based on its unique culture, the brand is focused on producing high quality products for both domestic and international markets.


The name is inspired by history. Centuries ago, the monks of Racha lands were picking different varieties of grapes in the sunny autumn weather and then crushing them in their cellars, turning them into the wines. That is why this place is called Naberauli and these wines are also a revival of the old methodology.

Interesting and distinctive styled labels underline the traditional characteristics of this region, too.


The task of "Naberauli" is to preserve, develop and internationally increase the awareness of Georgian wine, endemic vine varieties, and authentic Rachian wine species.


Today, in addition to Georgia, Naberauli is available on the markets of Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Ukraine, and the United States..


It is true that Khvanchkara is the most popular wine in Racha, but from the classic wines, the brand also offers wine lovers: Alexandrouli, Racha Mtsvane, Tsolikouri, Saperavi.-Dzelshavi, Tvishi and Usakhelouri.


The assortment also includes Rachian green from Qvevri, as well as Alexandrouli, Rachuli Mtsvane, Tsolikouri and Saperavi-Dzelshavi aged in oak barrels.

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