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Marneuli Almonds


Marneuli Almond is one of the subsidiaries of Ibercompany. In 2020, 125 hectares was purchased in Marneuli, on which up to 60 000 almond orchards were planted. Harvest will start in 2024, it will be fully exported to the European market. Marneuli Almonds's investment made up $ 1.8 million.


The raw material required for the project was purchased from the Spanish company Viveros Veron. In addition, the Spanish side is assisting Marneuli Almonds with full-fledged consultations, which is one of the supporting factors of the project's success.


It is noteworthy that the climatic conditions and soil properties of Georgia also contribute to the cultivation of this crop. In addition, one of the main reasons for interest in the project is the stable growth of demand for almonds in the global market. Despite the pandemic and the difficult economic situation, the demand for the product has not decreased.


The project of "Marneuli Almonds" was especially interesting for the holding, because it is important for the company to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector of Georgia. "Ibercompany" tries to make the best out of unutilized resources and potential that exist in our country.

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